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Retac operations were founded by Andrew Jones in Australia in 1986 to provide consultancy services to Commercial and Government enterprises throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

The Consultancy operations moved to Hong Kong in 1993 and expanded into the fields of Executive Search, Contract Services and Company Formation & Corporate Services under the Retac Asia banner in 1998.

Andrew Jones has over 20 years experience in Asia in both commercial and public sectors. Andrew’s background is Corporate Management, Catering, Accounting and Executive Search.

The Company offers a wide range of business solutions to international commercial and government enterprises includes: Company Formation, Marketing Services, Marketing Research, Courier Services, International Commodity Trading, Import & Export Consulting, Investments, Executive Search, Project Management, Corporate Representation, Procurement, Logistics, Security Consulting Services and Migration Advisory Services.

Related, fully owned and partially owned companies include:

Century Properties Group (International Broker) - Philippine Condominiums and Properties
ECX Direct Ltd - Air Courier and Logistics
Hot Spots Int'l Consultants Inc.- Import & Export Consulting
Invest Global Ltd - Investments
Invest Global Services Ltd - International Commodity Trading
LifeWave Patch Technology (International Distributor) - Software for the Human Body
Retac Asia Ltd - Management & Marketing Services
Zensitive Ltd - PRC Procurement & Logistics
Lightning Ltd, MEASS One Ltd - Security Consulting Services

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