At RETAC ASIA LTD, we have major goal:
                To surpass our customers' expectation
                      by providing innovative and high quality service solutions.

We have wide range of Business Consultancy solutions:


Retac offers representation services to companies seeking to do business in Hong Kong. Its mission is to align itself through collaborations and joint ventures with foreign companies offering high-quality services. We have wide industrial, technical and managerial experience. We can bring this to bear in pursuing opportunities to extend your marketing to and within Hong Kong. We can also discuss the technical issues confronting your potential clients, with a view to developing solutions that can have application not only for your clients, but, in these globalization times, for your many clients in other parts of the world as well.

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At Retac Asia Ltd as a licensed Employment Agency, we use modern and practical search solutions to help find outstanding leaders to supervise the ever-shifting demands and expectations placed on company today. Retac understands that identifying that exceptional employee is crucial if a company is to grow and prosper. In today’s fast paced market this needs to be achieved as soon as possible using proven search methods that are delicate and precise.

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Retac provides immigration advice and work closely with its clients on all visa’s related matters. Our unique range of services addresses every aspect of Immigration for Corporate and Individual Clients, enabling migration to Hong Kong. We help with document gathering (individual and corporate), obtaining translations as appropriate, legalizations, and similar authentications. We then coordinate the processing of these visas with the Immigration officer who handles the case.

Immigration Services:
• Employment Visa
• Investment Visa
• Training Visa
• Travel Pass
• APEC Visa
• Dependant Visa
• Permanent Resident Visa
• Extension of Visa

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With effective market research, you can determine the need for your service, a product's likelihood to sell, target-market demographics, and desirable store locations. Spending time to do Market Research minimizes risk and often improves your chances of success. Researching your target market can provide you with sound and objective data. They also help companies market their products to the people most likely to buy them. Gathering statistical data and analyze it to predict future sales.

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A specific marketing approach is the key to success for any company. We understand that every company has its own strengths and position in the market, but it is clear that most companies fail to convey their messages to the right audiences. To effectively help you reach and communicate with your target markets, Retac can tailor make a wide range of marketing solutions to promote your company.

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Project management is a formal process designed to manage change. It is a very involved, detail-oriented process that focuses on specific goals to achieve a defined outcome. The outcome is managed in such a way that time constraints, costs, and performance targets are of primary focus. The project manager is responsible for knowing exactly what steps are necessary to complete the project, which is responsible for completing each step, how long each step in the process should take, what is needed to complete each step, and how long the entire project should take.

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Website Design, Development & Management
Domain & Email set up and Management
Accounting Services


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